Want to Eliminate Monthly Processing Fees? We Make It Possible!

Straight Line Source’s cash discount program can get rid of nearly all your monthly credit card processing fees!


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Credit Card Processing

Through Straight Line Source, you can get rid of most of the expensive credit card processing fees by using cash discount programs on any transactions within your store. Utilizing a merchant fee will encourage clients and customers to use cash or checks as a more common method of payment to avoid the credit card processing aspect of the transaction.

If you are a small business, you may prefer your finances to come through as cash. Mentioning that you are a business with credit card processing fees will boost these types of transactions for your company without you needing to alter your pricing. The terminal puts in the added fee automatically, making cash discounts easy!

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Want to Eliminate Monthly Processing Fees?

We Make It Possible!

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Who says credit card processing needs to be expensive?

With the cash discount program from Straight Line Source, customers are encouraged to pay with cash or a check. The credit card terminal automatically calculates the additional service charge into the total for them to pay. Just join the program and we will handle things from there!


How can I eliminate my
monthly processing fees?

Arguably the most important way to eliminate monthly processing fees is to educate yourself. The more you know about the inner workings of processing fees, the more you’ll understand where charges come from and where the opportunities to eliminate these fees lie. In all industries, this knowledge will go along way toward eliminating most of your monthly merchant processing fees and collecting nearly all of your revenue. Straight Line Source’s program allows you, the merchant, to offset most of your merchant service fees without increasing your prices. By applying a service fee to all customers, while effectively providing a discount to customers who pay in cash, your posted prices become the rate for cash transactions.

Customers who pay with cash will avoid the service fee, while customers who utilize all other forms of payment will be subject to a service fee. Our technology facilitates this and complies with regulations and guidelines per all major credit card brands.


Straight Line Source’s Surcharging Program & Cash Discount
Program is easy to implement!

All you have to do is display the signage that we provide to you that your customers can read at the point of sale stating that non-cash transactions will be subject to a service fee. Don’t worry — there won’t be any extra work on your end! Your terminal is programmed to adjust for the Cash Discount Program automatically, so you can carry on with business as usual! Customers paying in cash, of course, will have this fee waived.

You’ve seen this exact concept in action at gas stations, where they advertise the less expensive “cash price” to encourage cash payments. Additionally, you might have noticed that many government entities operate on the same basis. The DMV, IRS, courts, and state and local governments all charge transaction processing fees. If they can do it, so can you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Merchant Cash Advance?

    A merchant cash advance or a business cash advance is the purchase of an agreed upon amount of future sales at a discount. Not only is there a high approval rate on merchant cash advances, but business owners can receive a business cash advance—within just a few days of applying. Additionally, a stellar credit history is not required.

    Some of the reasons our clients commonly turn to Straight Line Source include:

    • Desire to add new services or products to increase revenue
    • Require working capital for expansion or renovation
    • Need to access working capital immediately for unforeseen expenses
    • Have inadequate cash-on-hand to purchase inventory, materials, or equipment
    • Wish to fund marketing and advertising campaigns
    • Otherwise have to resolve temporary cash flow shortages
  • How Do Cash Advance Companies Work?

    The cash advance company provides a business with money up front for an agreed upon portion of future sales at a discount. Generally, businesses do not have collateral to borrow from a traditional bank. The biggest asset all businesses have is sales. A merchant cash advance allows a business owner to get the cash they need now and pay it back little by little in easy automated payments as future sales are made.

  • How Can I Get My Merchant Cash Advance?

    Clients looking for an increase in capital with business funds go through our streamlined approval process. All you have to do is apply online by filling out a one-page form, and if you’re approved, you can receive the money in as little as just 24 hours! Contact us today to learn more about business cash advances and our processing services, as well as the variety of industries we serve.

  • Are there cheap alternatives to my monthly processing fee?

    Offering a cash discount program through your business is a great way to cut down on financial processing fees for your company. You can charge extra for credit card transactions without altering your pricing model. It’s the most efficient way to manage your merchant fees for your small business.

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