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Straight Line Source: A Driving Force in Alternative Lending for Business Owners


We’re pioneering the industry. Straight Line Source is a premier provider of financing options for entrepreneurs. Our simple process combined with world-class service, positions us as the source for alternative lending solutions.

We’re proud of how we’ve contributed to the ever-changing face of lending for business owners. We will continue to grow, driving positive evolution of the alternative funding space as we navigate what our clients need in order for their businesses to flourish.


Businesses face challenges around many factors, including access to capital.

We aim to alleviate that challenge.

Traditionally, business owners in need of working capital only had one option: to apply to their local lending institution, adhering to bank regulations and requirements. The application process takes months, requires an exorbitant amount of paperwork, and the approval rate remains low. We at Straight Line Source pride ourselves in providing simple and available alternatives to traditional lending for businesses across America. We offer flexible terms and rates through our variety of funding options, guide business owners through the process and remain hands-on until they receive funding.


We believe that the success of the private sector is backbone of the American economy.

Thousands of business owners have entrusted us with the health and future of their business, and we hope to gain your trust as well. The Straight-Line process is designed to save time and energy, provide what’s needed without excess, or nonsense; so, business owners can focus on success, while we handle the rest.


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Straight Line Source provides you with ongoing access to funds. With a variation of funding opportunities get funds that are specifically tailored to your business needs

What will you do with your funds?

  • Buy Inventory
  • Invest in Equipment
  • Build a website
  • Hire staff
  • Whatever you need to grow