99 % of Crypto Fails Your Business Shouldn't


Aug. 14, 2023

99 % of Crypto Fails Your Business Shouldn't

It seems like every day crypto is in the news.

Recently we’ve seen news about court cases on Ripple (XRP.X) and Coinbase ($COIN). Ripple was being accused of selling an unregistered security and Coinbase was mandated by the SEC to unlist everything except for Bitcoin (BTC.X) Bitcoin Cash (BCH.X) and Bitcoin SV (BSV.X).

People making large sums, losing large sums, and investing in technology/utility

The bottom line is, people are throwing money at an industry that has widely determined 99% of coins/crypto will completely fail. "99% of tokens will go broke. Just like 99% of early internet companies did" ~ Mark Cuban, Owner of the Mavericks and Shark Tank Celebrity. In addition, people and businesses are constantly worried about the true value of their dollar because of interest rates and inflation.

It’s probably a better idea to invest in your business than investing in crypto. Would you rather have the cash available to operate and take on new jobs or tuck away that money into something like crypto that probably will be worth less than half you put in a year ago?

For us at Straight Line Source that question is easy: always support your business and provide a way to benefit while others are taking the other option.  

If you can borrow money for new jobs and make a profit you make money, while a vast majority are losing their purchasing power taking a long shot chance on crypto, then you win.

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