Credit Card Processing Referral Program, Terms & Conditions

*The promotion is valid for Credit Card Processing Programs only, from 06/01/2023 to 10/01/2023. In order to qualify, the merchant being referred needs to be a new client (existing clients by the time of the referral won’t count), process over $10,000/month, and be actively processing for 30 days. The referee will receive the gift card once those two requirements are completed. Only the person making the referral can qualify for the gift card (no friends, family, or any other person can claim the gift card). If the same person is referred twice, only the first person who referred the merchant will be eligible to receive the gift card. Only one gift card is given per qualified referred business. Referees can refer to as many merchants as they like. The referee can be someone other than a current Straight Line Source and its affiliates’ client to qualify. The referee’s name will be mentioned to the referred person when contacted. Promotion is a partnership between Straight Line Source and WeProcess. Both Straight Line Source and WeProcess could contact the referee and the referred merchant.

Terms of Use for Text Message (SMS)

  • (1)Your wireless carrier’s standard messaging rates apply to SMS correspondence, Straight Line Source and WeProcess does not charge for any content; however, you may incur additional charges from your wireless carrier. Please contact your wireless carrier for information about your messaging plan. Your carrier may impose message or charge limitations on your account that are outside of our control. All charges are billed by and payable to your wireless carrier. (2)You represent that you are the owner, or authorized user of the wireless device you use to receive the service, and that you are authorized to approve the applicable charges. (3)We will send you messages periodically, and only with your explicit agreement as indicated by your continuation of the process flow. (4)We will not be liable for any delays or failures in your receipt of any SMS messages as delivery is subject to effective transmission from your network operator and processing by your mobile device. SMS message services are provided on an AS IS, AS AVAILABLE basis. (5)Data obtained from you in connection with this SMS service may include your mobile phone number, your carrier’s name, and the date, time and content of your messages and other information that you may provide. We may use this information to contact you and to provide the services you request from us, discuss your advance, current and past due payments and to otherwise operate, develop and improve the service. Your wireless carrier and other service providers may also collect data from your SMS usage, and their practices are governed by their own policies. We will only use the information you provide to the service to transmit your text message or as otherwise described in this terms and conditions. Nonetheless, we reserve the right to all times to disclose any information as necessary to satisfy any law, regulation, or governmental request, to avoid liability, or to protect our rights or property. When you complete forms online or otherwise provide us information in connection with the service, you agree to provide accurate, complete and true information. (6)The service as well as the content and materials received through the service are proprietary to us and our licensors and is for your personal and commercial use only. You shall not damage, impair, interfere with, or disrupt the service or its functionality. (7)We reserve the right to alter charges and/or these terms and conditions from time to time. We may suspend or terminate the service to you if we believe you are in breach of our terms and conditions. Your service is also subject to termination in the event your wireless service terminates or lapses. We may discontinue the service at any time. (8)Additionally, you agree that we any send any SMS Statement Notifications through your communication service provider in order to deliver them to you. You agree to provide a valid mobile phone number for these services. You further agree to indemnify, defend, and hold us harmless from and against any and all claims, losses, liability, cost and expenses (including reasonable attorneys’ fee) arising from your provision of a mobile phone number that is not your own or your violation of applicable federal, state or local law, regulation or ordinance. Your obligation under this paragraph shall survive termination of the agreement. SMS Statement Notification is provided for your convenience only. (9)If you have any questions, e-mail Straight Line Source at [email protected] (10)We do not charge for help or info messages; however, your normal carrier rates apply. (11)To Opt Out Text STOP to cancel.


Each Merchant understands and agrees that the terms and conditions of the products and services offered by Straight Line Source and WeProcess, including this Application and any other Straight Line Source documents (collectively, “Confidential Information”) are proprietary and confidential information of Straight Line Source. Accordingly, unless disclosure is required by law or court order, Merchant(s) shall not disclose Confidential Information of Straight Line Source and its affiliates to any person other than an attorney, accountant, financial advisor, or employee of any Merchant who needs to know such information for the purpose of advising any Merchant (“Advisor”), provided such Advisor uses such information solely for the purpose of advising any Merchant.