Your Business Deserves More Than An Auto Decline


Nov. 9, 2023

Your Business Deserves More Than An Auto Decline

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Why Traditional Financing Might Fail You?

Beyond the Score: Why AI Can't Measure Your Hustle 

Banks are increasingly turning to AI for their risk assessments and FICO scores. As they chase cost savings, you might find your legitimate working capital request declined by an algorithm that doesn't understand the nuances of your hard-earned business.

Avoid Red Flags for Loan Algorithms: Optimize Your Application & Avoid Algorithmic Hiccups

FICO Frozen: How AI is Crippling Your Working Capital Flow 

Missteps like a slightly inaccurate business classification code or an inconsistent business address can trigger a red flag for these impersonal algorithms. Even common practices like showing monthly receivables and payables could be automatically imputed incorrectly, especially if you use a local bank and their statements. While AI can usually be your friend, it may also cripple your ability to access working capital, especially for those who aren't tech-savvy. Utilizing a funding representative can be the difference between getting declined and getting approved.

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Instead Of Letting An Algorithm Determine Your Credibility:

🌟 Engage with real people who appreciate your business story
🚀 Benefit from swift processing times of our streamlined team
🛠 Approvals by a human based on verified business activity
🔒 Say goodbye to exhaustive collateral requirements

Act Now! Time is of the Essence. Don't Let AI Bias Prevent From Obtaining Financing

When applying, have these items available:

  • Last 4 months of bank statements (some providers might require 6 months)

  • Social Security Number & Federal Tax ID #

  • Email & Phone/Mobile #

  • Invoices if your business is looking to factor receivables

  • Annual Revenue

  • Any Advances or Loans Your Business Has

After submitting the application:

  • A funding specialist will reach out to you to discuss your needs

  • They will review what exactly you might be qualified for

  • Your specialist will then submit it to our premium network with the goal of obtaining approvals that closely match your business needs

Apply Now For Capital

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions or concerns regarding your funding needs.

We are committed to supporting you through these challenging times and helping you achieve your business goals.



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